Dancefloor Hire

We can provide anything from small plain dancefloors to large scale LED floors.

Dancefloor solutions for every venue and budget.

DDWES can provide dancefloors of various sizes and types to fit within your space requirements and budgets. If you require a plain wooden floor for a small party or a large LED floor for a large conference we can help.

Wooden Parquet

The most basic dancefloor option we provide is the plain wooden parquet dancefloor. These have been used for party dancefloors as well as various other uses such as salsa classes and car showroom events.

Black & White Wooden Parquet Dancefloor

Very popular for marquee events is the black and white plain wooden dancefloor. Ideal also for themed events such as Studio 54, Gatsby and & Vintage Cinema.

Black LED Dancefloor

Our most popular product in our dancefloor range is the Black LED starlight dancefloor. The black dancefloor panels really set off the white LED lights perfectly and look fantastic at night.

White LED Dancefloor

Hugely popular for wedding events is the White LED starlight dancefloor. The neutral look of the dancefloor fits in perfectly with our white drapes. The LEDs can be set to various fades and twinkles or a static pattern which looks amazing for the first dance!

Sound good so far?

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