Using our range of white drapes we can really help you “transform your venue”.

We have various draping options of all different shapes and sizes, perfect for hiding unsightly walls or creating free-standing partitions.

We can also provide a “room blackout” service, so if your event venue has too much natural light, then we can provide thick black drapes along with our black starcloths to ensure you have the desired conditions. We have three main types of drapes which you can view from the dropdown menu. All of our draping systems come with the free-standing pipe and base which is weighted for stability and safety.

While our drapes come in sections (different sizes depending on type of drape) they can be easily adjusted so any excess is hidden from view and looks like it was tailored to the very room it is being used in. When possible, we always conduct site visits so we can accurately quote the correct quantity of drapes to achieve the look you’re going for.

Based in Gloucestershire, we cover the Cotswolds and beyond – depending on room sizes we do cover the South and Midlands. We can also offer advice and suggestions on items and services that can complement our drapes such as uplighting (for white and ivory drapes) or fairy lights – these are just two popular add-ons chosen by previous clients.

Full Room Draping

We are often contacted by clients who are holding their wedding or event in a location where the building interior isn’t really up to their tastes or standards. This is when our full room draping service is suggested and is very popular with venues such as village halls, barns and sports and social clubs. We can really help decorate your wedding reception and transform it from a plain room into something totally different. White draping also helps give off a nice netural background for you to add your own personal touch. We do suggest adding some LED uplighting if you want to add a touch of colour to your wedding or event setting.

White Wedding Draping

White Draping

Our plain white drape are commonly used to achieve that marquee interior look in locations such as village halls, golf clubs and conference centres. These are particularly effective when you have a room which requires styling as the white drape provides a neutral backdrop. They can also be used to close off a section of your venue space such as kitchen areas or walk ways. Our white drape is also a cost-effective option compared to the Ivory Starcloth, however the two can be used side by side.  These drapes come in either 4 x 4 or 6 x 4 metre sections however can be used to cover a smaller area if required as any excess can be tided behind out of view.

Wedding Draping Stonehouse Court

Ivory Star Cloth

The fibre optic Ivory star cloth is a popular draping choice for our wedding clients who are taking the white LED dance floor. It is becoming increasingly popular at weddings, being installed behind the top table and later doubling up as the backdrop for the evening entertainment. Coming in sections of 6 x 3 metres, we can provide a single backdrop or ivory star cloth an entire room. The Ivory star cloth uses the same pipe and base system as the black star cloth, so requires no attachment of any kind to walls or ceilings. The Ivory Star cloth houses small fibre optic lights that can either be left on static or set to several pre-set programmes with various speeds of fading and “twinkling”.

Ivory Starcloth

Black starcloth Draping

Black starcloth which is sometimes referred to as “twinkly cloth”, “LED backdrop”, “starry cloth” or “star curtain” can be installed for a variety of purposes for your wedding or event. Most common use for one or more of our cloths is to act as a backdrop to your evening entertainment such as a band and/or DJ. Our black starcloth systems are free-standing with weighted base plates to ensure stability, so they require no fitting to walls or ceilings (which naturally keeps the venue happy). The pipe and base system ensures that we backdrop spaces of various sizes so there are no gaps or overhangs visible. The starcloth LED lights can be set to standalone (static) or to various pre-set programmes of various speeds and patterns.

Black LED Starcloth

Sound good so far?

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