Chiavari Chair Hire

Our stunning curved back limewash chairs look stunning in any wedding venue.

Our chiavari chair range are ideal for weddings and corporate            events.  With their designed curved back and ivory seat pads they    provide a stunning and comfortable seating option. The six spindle backrest and padded seat cover allows for hours of comfortable sitting.

The great thing about these chairs is that they look great undressed or allow for various dressing options such as hoods and pearls. We don’t currently offer these add ons but we can suggest several companies who do!

Now for the techinal details. These chairs are 89 cms in height, 39 cms wide and 43 cms deep with a seat height of 45 cms. If you’re required to stack them at any point you can do so up to a maximum of eight high. Weight wise these are only 3.4 kg so very light yet durable thanks to their European Beachwood design.

Please do contact us for a quote.


Chiavari Chair Hire