LED Furniture Hire Gloucestershire

Wide range of wireless furniture items such as seats, tables and ice buckets.

LED Furniture Hire Gloucester
LED Cube Hire

Our LED Furniture can be set to various colours, run in chase and are completely wireless and can last up to 12 hours.

Popular at proms, weddings & events colour changing LED furniture (or Glow Furniture) is ideal for “chill out” areas.  We find these really help bring that “wow” factor to your event. Each piece of furniture can be set to a static colour or left to fade slowly between them all. 

These units are completely wireless and can last up to 12 hours between charges. Remotes can be provided if you wish to change colours/scenes or buttons on the base of the unit can also be used. Our LED hire furniture is also IP65 rated, which makes an them ideal outdoor furniture solution.

The LED cubes and ice buckets are also lightweight so allow for them to be picked up and moved where required during the event.

Our range of furniture can be set to various colours such as red, blue, white, orange, purple and pink which can fit into a wide range of theme ideas such as “Fire and ice”, “American” and “Disney” to name just a few we’ve worked on.

These tables while being great to look at, are also hard wearing and totally wireless!


Our LED posuer tables are very popular in bar areas for conference events and dancefloor areas for weddings.

Standing at 150 cms tall they’re the ideal location to place your drinks while you have a chat or a dance.  They all have weighted bases to enable stadability while still be light enough to move around during the event.

LED Posuer Table Hire Gloucester

Gloucestershire LED Furniture Hire -Looking for an interesting centrepiece for your table?

Why not consider our LED ice buckets which are perfect for keeping your drinks cold. These can run for up to nine hours on a full charge which means you can have ambient light on your tables without the need for any wires. If used for longer periods then with the use of mains cables they can run for much longer periods. These buckets are IP65 rated so can be used outdoors if required.

These buckets can be provided in various sizes so if you need buckets to hold only a couple of champagne bottles, or vast amounts of beer we can provide the right size for your needs.

Prior to any hire we clean and fully charge our stock and when required will run through how they operate with you or a chosen member of your staff, party etc.

LED Ice Bucket Hire

Our acrylic LED Cube furniture is a perfect lightweight seating solution

These LED Cube seats are not only easy to relocate but also totally wireless while providing that real “wow” effect for your event.

We have provided these cubes for various different events from classy weddings to mobile nightclub events. These light cubes can be set to various colours or even left on a slow fade so if you have a strong colour theme then these can be provided to fit in with that.

These illuminated cubes are also IP65 rated which means you can even use them outside, or without having to worry about placement or tripping due to wires, as they’re fully battery powered which last up to 10 hours!

Light Up Furniture Hire

Sound good so far?

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