Wedding Draping Gloucestershire

Wedding Draping Hire For Gloucestershire & Surrounding Areas.

Full Room Draping

Booked a venue for your wedding and looking for ways to transform it? Then our full room wall draping service is just what you’re looking for.

We drape around the room, around doors/windows leaving you with a blank canvas to work with. This is ideal for when you want to hide wall decor (common at golf/sport club venues). The installation is done using a stable freestanding support system which means no attachment to walls or ceilings.

We have a range of extras which works nicely with our drapes, such as uplighting and our LED dancefloors. This means we can put together an attractive package for our clients. 

White Draping

Our most popular product here at DDWES is without a doubt the white wall pleated drapes.

Ideal for weddings we can provide these from small ceremony rooms to entire venues. Not only can these be used to cover up unwanted room features but also provides a blank canvas to work with. We also can drape above doorways and window areas for access when required.

Our white drapes can go up to four metres in height which is more than enough for most venues. We have been providing Wedding Draping in Gloucestershire for many years, so chances are we have worked at your venue before. Image is from a wedding we worked on at Stonehouse Court Hotel.



Ivory Star Cloth

The ideal backdrop for the top table, our starcloths have been hugely popular at weddings for many years.

Comes in either white or ivory our starcloths contain many small fibre optic lights that fade and twinkle to various speeds. This makes for a great backdrop for your top table photos.

We also have a matching front skirt which can be used to really glam up your top table.

Can also be used as a backdrop for your evening entertainment and looks amazing when used with a white led dancefloor.

Black Starcloth

Our black serge wool LED starcloths are very popular to corporate events and themed events (such as James Bond).

Commonly used also behind evening entertainment such as bands, or as a backdrop for an open air booth (such as our fantastic magic mirror).

Usually these are set to a “static” light pattern however we can also set them to various speed chases. We can also supply a matching black LED dancefloor which looks amazing.

We can also supply a matching Black LED Dancefloor which looks great when used together.


We also have a dedicated website for our draping jobs which can be found at

Sound good so far?

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