Fairy Light Canopies Gloucestershire

Create a stunning ceiling feature for your venue using our range of LED fairy lights

Fairy Lights Gloucestershire
Fairy Light Canopies Gloucestershire

Fairy Light Canopies


It’s really quite amazing how much of a difference that hanging fairy lights can have at a venue. Not only do they look really pretty but also provide a nice level of ambient lighting as well without being too overpowering.

Installation of fairy lights will depend on the venue in terms of fitting points. We find most do which will affect what sort of formation that we can provide. We generally provide a “zig zag” canopy at venues while at marquees we install in straight line zips instead. If there is a suitable central fitting point then we can provide a circular canopy instead.

Our fairy lights are also designed to be “daisy chained” together which means if there’s a lack of power points it generally won’t be an issue.   

If you would like us to create a fairy light canopy for your event then please do use the contact form below. We can also provide outdoor festoon lighting as well!



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We have installed our Fairy Light Canopies at venues all over Gloucestershire, such as Upcote Barn, Four Pillars, Kings Head Hotel & Hyde House.

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