Magic Mirror Photobooth

We always like adding to our range of services and providing something new and that was very much the case when we ordered our first photobooth product in the form of the Magic Mirror. We had seen so many photobooths at events previously but we always like to try something different!

12 months on from ordering our first we have now added a second mirror to our range thus allowing us to cover more and larger events!

Why are the Magic Mirrors so popular do you ask?

Well the first obvious difference to a normal photobooth is the appearance. Rather than cramming inside a pod the mirror doesn’t have much limitation on the amount of people you can fit into a single shot. We have had 18 people take part in a single shot which is our current record! (human pyramid after a few drinks is always interesting to see). Secondly the appearance of the mirror is far more neutral and can fit into all sorts of different settings without looking out of place. We also provide red carpet and some chrome posts with red rope (similar to VIP areas) to give it that classy look.

Secondly the mirror offers a few new features. Firstly it’s a mirror so it allows you to see what the photo will look like before you even take it (important to make sure you’re all in the picture and that your wig is looking good).

With the mirror also being touch screen it allows for you to operate it very easily. Once you’ve taken your photos you can use the touchscreen to sign your photos and add emojis (who doesn’t love a tongue sticking out face).

Once you’ve finished customising your photo you can choose to print off your creation which takes approx. ten seconds to produce! We also provide all your photos on a USB stick at the end of the evening as well.

If you’re interested in booking our Magic Mirror Photobooth then please do get In touch with your venue, date and any other information such as event theme as we customise the photo layout to suit your event.